Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giveaway Round-Up!

I have a bunch of great giveaways that I have been waiting to share, so here they are!

*The Polish Hoochie: first off, how do you not love that name?!  This is a well-deserved celebration of 800 followers on her blog!  Up for wins is the beautiful Lynderella Snow Angel.
This is open internationally and ends Halloween.

*Two Lacquered Girls: This is the saddest/funniest giveaway to date!  To celebrate the flu (you read that right) you can win one of two prizes!  You have to love a girl with a twisted sense of humor :)
This is open internationally and closes 11/16.

*Sincerely Stephanie: This is a super-sweet giveaway just because!  She has a TON of amazing polishes up for wins just to say thank you to her fans.  How awesome is that?
This is open internationally and closes in 26 days (I'm not quite sure that November date.  Sorry!)

*Lisa's Nail Obsession: There are some really cool polishes up for wins here from Twenty Seven Polish!  Make sure that you also check out her Etsy page to see the beauties she makes!
This closes on the 30th.

*Lace and Lacquers: This huge giveaway is to celebrate the awesome milestone of 1000 Facebook likes!  There are 9 generous prizes up for wins!
This is open internationally and closes 10/29.

*Ashley is PolishAddicted: This is another huge giveaway with a ton of prizes, including some beautiful indies!  This is all to celebrate her one year blogging anniversary, so head over and give some love!
This is open internationally.

*Oh Three Oh Four: This is a super-generous Lynderella giveaway too!  This is a Halloween polish raffle, and they are so pretty! 
This is open internationally through 10/29.

*Lydia's Nails: This is a really cool giveaway for 300 Facebook followers!  One of the prizes is Cirque Dark Horse, which I have been drooling over!
This is open internationally and closes on 10/20.

*Pixel's Polish: This is a celebration of 200 followers!  There are two prizes here, including some Color Clubs that I have had my eye on!
This is open to the US and Canada and closes 10/30.

*The Holographic Hussie: This is the second part of her 1000 follower giveaway.  She is offering a $50 gift voucher to Llarowe!
This is open internationally and ends 10/18.

*Love for Lacquer: For her 1 year anniversary, there is a generous $25 Ulta gift card up for wins!  I spend too much money there (and justify it with coupons) so this would be so nice!
This is open internationally and closes 10/18.

*Pretty and Polished Pointers: To celebrate 2000 followers (yay!) this is a giveaway of two of the super-cute OPI Skullicious sets!
This is open internationally and closes 10/18.

*Teen Polish Junkie: There are 2 giveaways on her pages for the huge milestone of 500 likes!  You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  There are some really awesome polishes that she is offering!
They are open internationally.  Part 1 closes 10/20 and Part 2 closes 10/26.

*Sassy Shelly: This is a cool indie giveaway to celebrate her new domain!  There are really cool polishes donated and there is a reason these talented makers are supporting her!
This is open internationally and closes 11/6.

Phew!  Is that enough for you?  I know it took me a while to go through all of these!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of these generous, talented ladies!  Take time to enter, and then show some love to them!

As always, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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