Friday, October 5, 2012

31DC: Blue

And I'm back!  Today I am onto blue polish and about 1/6 finished with the challenge!  This is a good, strong start.  I know that the colors are the easiest part, but I'm pretty proud that I've got a whole work week under my belt.
Today I've got one untried and one rarely used, mainly because I forgot that I had it after I bought Luxe & Lush.  It's not a dark or muted fall color combo, but what does every little girl want to dress up for Halloween as?

*1 coat Yellow-Out base coat
*3 coats Sinful Colors Cinderella,
*1 coat Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
*1 coat Seche Vite

The ever-popular Cinderella was super cheap and in full supply at Bed Bath & Beyond, so I grabbed a bottle when it was the talk of the polish world (and one for my momma!).  I hadn't had a need or reason to try it out until now.  I used 3 coats, and it was still streaky. This is a very sheer polish.  In the future, I'll either use 4 coats or find a good base to layer it over.

That being said, it is awful pretty!  The pale blue is packed with soft pink shimmer that is stunning in the sun.  While I will need to work at it a bit in the future, it is well worth the effort! 
I wanted something to add to this, and figured that Glass Slipper was only appropriate!  This is a slightly iridescent shard flake glitter by Sally Hansen.  I would also have added another coat of this, because it is rather subtle (which is great, sometimes!).  It didn't necessarily add much to Cinderella, but I just couldn't resist paring them!  I added a little rhinestone for good measure, because I don't have many and don't use them often. 

 (Look at that pink shimmer!)

Do you have Cinderella?  Any good suggestions for using this beauty without putting a million coats on your nails?  Have you found any cool colors to layer Glass Slipper over?

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