Sunday, October 7, 2012

31DC: Black and White

Day 7: I'm one week in!  I am proud of myself for making time and getting this first week done!  Things have been busy and stressful, and thinking about new nail ideas has actually been pretty calming for me.  Let's hope it stays that way as the actual art gets underway this week! 

For black and white I really didn't know what I wanted to do.  As all of you know who took the black and white challenge, there really are so many possibilities!  I decided to try some more nail art, getting back into a Halloween mood.  I was tempted to leave the black pristine and shiny, but I can never help myself, so I added glitter :).  This has 2 untrieds:

*1 coat Yellow-Out base
*2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
*1 coat Revlon Stunning (thumb)
*1 coat China Glaze Techno
*Color Club white striping polish
*1 coat Seche Vite top coat

I thought about ghosts, which would have been Halloween-y.  I tried to think of other patterns and designs, but I went with a little cobweb.  The thin, long striping brush in the Color Club made the 3 long line really easy to do, but the shorter ones were a little tougher because of the brush.  I considered doing webs on all my nails, but I wasn't sure I wanted them to be that prominent.  I also wasn't sure I could do 5 that looked decent enough.  Really, though, I like the look of one web as an accent!

I bought both of these glitters in an online order a while back. I don't know how it escaped my attention how similar they are, but it was more work to return one than I wanted to do, so I now own both. I wanted to do a little comparison to see how they stacked up against each other.

Stunning has micro silver holo glitter pieces mixed in with larger silver hex holos.  The small glitters are much more dense in this one and I did not get nearly as many of the larger pieces out in this single coat.

Techno is also filled with small silver holo glitter and larger silver holo hex glitters.  The large pieces were much more prominent in this one and came out easily.  I really didn't need to push or dab glitter with either of these.  Techno is a more sparse glitter overall, which is good to know.  It lets the base show through a bit more than Stunning, though both are really cool!


  1. Ya can't go wrong with a holo glitter polish. I am guilty of having WAY too many of them! :) Love your cute combo and like the Halloween twist without it being all orange and black!!

    1. Amen to the holo glitter! I'm such a girly-girl when it comes to polish that I usually go for pinks and shimmers, but I really love the look of black. It's just so ugly when it chips! So, of course, I pile on the glitter to help it last longer...