Saturday, October 6, 2012

31DC: Violet

I almost dropped the ball on this one!  I had already done the mani and taken pictures.  They were uploaded and waiting for a post.  Then I had a day off...
After a very long, stressful, emotional week, I took a complete "me" day.  I had a long-distance movie date with my best friend, had lunch, did some clearance shopping at Sally's (I was super restrained--only2 and they were each less than $2!) and headed home.  Then I met up with a great old friend for drinks and the Giants game!  I am sleep and tired, even after a day off, and was on my way to bed.  I thought about painting my nails tomorrow and then: WHOOPS!  I forgot to post today! 
Violet was not my most interesting color.  I think I just kind of froze and didn't have a lot of creativity.  I did, however, use 2 untrieds, so I'm okay with the simplicity.  

*1 coat Yellow-Out base
*2 coats China Glaze C-C-Courage
*1 coat Spoiled Papa-Paparazzi on ring finger
*1 coat Seche Vite

C-C-Courage is from my amazing Wizard of Oohs and Ahhs collection.  Two coats provided great coverage, which is always great in a polish.  It is a really easy formula to work with and a pretty shade of purple.  It is packed with micro shimmer that you can see much more clearly in this bottle shot, but in real life it shows up beautifully on the nail.

Papa-Paparazzi is a gorgeous mix of purple and silver holo glitter in a clear base.  I don't really have an area outside to take pictures in the sun, so I tried to get the sparkle to show up in my window (classy, I know).  The angle on my nail is bad, but the bottle shows the beauty of this one.  I'm excited to use it again soon!

So there they are, before midnight!  A little boring, I know, but two polishes that I now know I love and can't wait to use again!  This is the end of the rainbow, which was not too bad for me.  Now the craziness of the challenge begins! 


  1. Super impressed you are doing a 31 Day Challenge. I don't think I could EVER keep up! I have Papa-paparazzi, and I don't think I have ever tried it! Such a pretty color. I think I need to. I wish you had a GFC widget on your blog so I could follow! I really don't like following blogs by e-mail because I have to much in my inbox as it is. Please consider it! :)

    1. Ask and you shall receive! I now have a Google+ link on my sidebar. I tried to add GFC a number of times, but they discontinued it :( I like it a lot more than Google+, but it looks like that might be the best I can do unless you know how I can add GFC. If so, do tell!