Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31DC: Yellow

I learned in college that three of something signifies a pattern.  This is a good sign because I've made it to day 3, so the pattern is setting in for posting each day for the challenge!  There were no untrieds today, but I did branch into nail art a bit further, so that sorta counts, right? 

I was pretty bummed as I tried to think of something to do with yellow.  It's kind of tough, especially since we work so hard to keep our nails NOT yellow!  Then I remember something that I had pinned long ago and wanted to try!

*1 coat Yellow-Out base
*1 coat Color Club Almost Famous
*2 coats Sinful Colors Let's Meet
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black out
*1 coat Seche Vite

I decided to try Charlie Brown's iconic shirt!  I started with Almost Famous, which is a surprisingly opaque yellow, bright and warm.  I probably should have done two coats to eliminate streaks in it (and I actually might have...I kind of forgot), because yellow tends to be a bit unforgiving.  Then I used two coats of Let's Meet, which is a really close match.  This one is very sheer, but loaded with shimmer.  The two work really well together, which Let's Meet camouflaging many of Almost Famous' streaks.  I then used a small paint brush and Black Out to free hand the zig-zag. 
I really love the cartoon look of the black in my inspiration, but I was pleasantly pleased with how this came out.  For me, this was a pretty good attempt at nail artwork!

Today is also my grandma's birthday.  She is such a wonderful woman and has been a huge part of my life.  Charles Schultz is from Santa Rosa, about an hour from my hometown.  Every year my grandma used to buy my family tickets to Snoopy On Ice, the holiday ice show at Schultz's rink that he owned, for his daughter who skated.  It is such a special, salient part of my childhood and of Christmas.  Grandma knew how much we loved these special days, and she is just as much a part of those memories as Snoopy.  It's appropriate that this is my mani today, and it wasn't until after I did it that I thought about how perfect it is!

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