Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31DC: Inspired by a movie

I am a movie hoarder.  I have far too many DVDs.  My Netflix queue is a mile long.  I love movies!  This challenge became super overwhelming for me because my mind went in a million directions.  I tried to narrow it down to Halloween movies.  That is a much more narrow category because I am also a movie wimp.  I don't do horror.  I still have nightmares about Gremlins (yeah, the ones that the Family Channel shows). 
I love Tim Burton's work.  I love his aesthetic but, more importantly, I love the vulnerability and brokenness of his characters.  They are intensely human, weird, lonely, and remarkable.  My aunt is a really big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I haven't watched this in years, but it did kind of creep me out the last time (I may or may not have been in college..."wimp" is an understatement).  It fit the theme and I really love her, so I wanted to do something with her in mind.  Here are my Nightmare nails:

 Like yesterday, I used a lot of polishes to do this art, so I'll save you the list and get to each one!

Nothing screams "Burton!" like the iconic curling hilltop, set against the glowing moon.  It is everything quirky and striking about him.  I used Color Club Almost Famous as my background and my Color Club art striper in Black Hologram for the hill itself.

Jack!  Mr. Skellington himself has the creepy warmth that you find in Burton films.  You can't help but love his dreaming and enthusiasm!  (I realized, after the fact, that I made this really high up on my nail.  Jack looks a little fat here.  Sorry buddy!)  I used my trusty Sally Hansen Black Out and a small paint brush for his features and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.


Sally!  Who knew a creepy patchwork doll could actually be so cute and lovable!  I tried to get a patchwork nail to capture this.  I know there is so much more detail in her dress, but it's impossible to think of the movie and not picture this!  I used Zoya Tru, Zoya Yara, Cover Girl Candy Corn and Ulta Smoke Screen for the patches, lined with Black Out.

Oogie Boogie.  This is where the movie started to lose me (and by that I mean I started to freak out a little)...But, he's a key part of the story.  I used Zoya Yara again (I love this shimmery olive green!) and my Black Holo striper for the stitching.  Moving on to something happier...

Zero!  Who doesn't love Zero?  Everyone needs a dog, even Jack.  I used Color Club Wild Orchid (gorgeous!) as the background and painted his nose on with Snow Me White (with a little China Glaze Make A Spectacle on top--the only untried today) and Candy Corn and Spoiled Vitamin C for his jack-o-lantern nose.


 So there is my little Halloween Town!  Is this a favorite movie of yours?  What are your thoughts on the genius of Tim Burton (no pressure--I'm not biased!).  Do you like painting your nails for others so that you think of them when you look down?  I love it!

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