Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31DC: Glitter

Today was so hard for me because EVERY manicure I do is a glitter one!  I could not possibly choose one glitter (or even one kind of glitter!) to use, so I decided to showcase the amazing Halloween polishes I won recently from All That Glitters.

I won these beauties in a giveaway that All That Glitters held and was so excited to work with them!  (I don't really apologize for this post having a ton of pictures.  Just know you've been warned.)

(Please ignore the fact that I have old polish all over my hands from not removing cleanly.  I get too excited to swatch and don't clean up well enough.  It's a problem and I am working on it...)

"Witch Craft" is such a pretty polish!  It reminds me of wine--a great berry color that can be worn all fall (if you worry about seasonal colors).  It's a berry colored jelly with large red glitters and micro purples.  I used 3 coats here, and probably should have paid better attention to my nail beds, but this was really easy to use and the glitter dispersed really well.

"Walking Dead" is a SUPER dense glitter!  I used 2 coats, mostly to see a sandwich effect, but this really was pretty much a one-coat glitter!  The base has almost a pearl look to it, slightly shimmery, with read, black and small white glitters everywhere you look.

"Pumpkin King" is a clear base with multi-sized orange glitters and black hex glitter.  There is less black than orange, but I don't really mind that.  I put this over China Glaze Elephant Walk to try to bring out the color.  I think I really like these over gray!  This is only 2 coats.


"Horror Business" is a bright green jelly with purple, green (silver?) and black glitter throughout.  This is probably the most sparse glitter, but it really lets that green base take center stage.  I use 3 coats here because the base is pretty sheer, but it really does help build the "sandwich" look too.


"Fright Night" is a black jelly base with orange and purple glitters with a few scattered green bar glitters too.  I didn't get much of those bars in my 2 coats, but they are also not my favorite, so I was okay with that.  This one is so pretty in real life.  Again, these sheer bases make for such deep, interesting glitter layers!


 This is such a cool collection!  I'm so torn about which one I want to put on and wear for a few days--I may have to change my Halloween look a lot! 


Do you own any of these?  Have you found some cool ways to layer these over color or use them in art?  Don't you just drool over this Esty site? 

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