Saturday, September 28, 2013

33 DC: tape

So I'm a little late on this one, but I felt better when I saw that none other than Ms. Debbie Crumpet was late too :)
I had this mani done last night but was just too wiped out to photograph, upload and post.  Learning takes a lot more energy than I remembered!
Tape is quickly becoming as comfortable for me as dots.  I received my first roll of striping tape in a giveaway and it has lasted forever!  I think I'm going to order some more, though, because I love using it and want to try using it on its own as well, instead of just for clean lines.  I used to always use Scotch tape for lines, and it works okay, but striping tape never lets any polish seep under and is just so crisp!  Using it for this look has become a bit of a favorite of mine:

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats Zoya Aurora
*Zoya Storm
*1 coat Out the Door

Really, these can just speak for themselves!  Gratuitous  holo shots are always welcome, right?  I used Aurora as my base and taped off the tips and then left a little gap before taping off the bottom of the area I polished, and then used Storm as the tip.  LOVE it!

I don't want to get too cocky here, but I'm feeling pretty comfortable with striping tape at this point.  Do you have any cool tips or techniques for me to try?  Do tell!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

33DC: most used color polish

If I were going by the numbers, today would be Black Out and Snow Me White.  Those two make their way into almost every mani I do!
I looked over my tags and, while there are plenty of polishes I love and would wear every day, Danke-shiny Red and Golden-I both had 7 tags, so I made a mani with the two of them.  It's a lot more Christmas-y than I'd like, but the numbers don't lie!

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden-I
*OPI Danke-shiny Red
*1 coat Out the Door

Okay, ignore the mess that I made of my fingers :) Today I had a midterm and very little time, so I was rushing to get this posted.  I used 2 coats of Golden-I as my base.  This is my go-to gold and a gorgeous foil/metallic finish.  
I love this design from Pshiiit.  She has amazing nails and art and I've been wanting to try this for a while because it's one of the few I think I can manage!  Actually, this was easier than I thought and turned out pretty cool. I simply used striping tape and overlapped it differently on each nail, which meant that I didn't need a lot of precision, and then painted over with Danke-shiny.  Both of these colors just glow on the nail--I'm so excited for the sun to come out tomorrow!

Monday, September 23, 2013

33 Day Challenge 1: Dots

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts is having a 33 day challenge spread out over the next couple of months.  With school, I'm not sure how many I will be able to get done (even my day off each week is crammed with studying and errands!) but it's so fun to participate in challenges with others that I want to try to get some in!  Today's theme is dots, which is really the only nail art I can pull off.  I wanted to try something different because I've done a few before, some that I love so much that it's hard not to default back to them!
The camera flash is very unforgiving on this one because the polishes are so glittery, but in real life they turned out so pretty and subtle (you know, aside from the bright orange :) )

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats China Glaze Riveting
*China Glaze I Herd That
*1 coat Out the Door

I wanted some fall colors and was trying so many combinations in my head for some cascading dots.  Then, I decided to just choose 2 that worked and use the dots to make a tip of sorts for the nail.  It's hard to make the out here (great choice for the first challenge post, right?) but I love them on.  

I LOVE Riveting.  The gold shimmer gives it a glow and, as you can see, is undeniable in this polish.  I Herd That is a gold glitter with some holo and reddish flashes.  I dotted it over Riveting at the tips of my nails.  I don't have a really good light that will let me turn off my flash, so I apologize for the poor quality of these, especially because the combo is so awesome in person!
I'm really excited to see how the other ladies use their dots.  Like I said, it's the one art technique I feel comfortable with and I'm always looking for new ways to use my dotters!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Matte black and flakies

I am going to really try to keep posting while I'm in school, but I'm seeing that my time will be VERY limited (in the past week I had 5 days of class and worked 6 days without any days off...I'm feeling it!).  I have some photos that I've been meaning to get up and am trying to keep snapping them as I polish, so here's a quick look at one I tried (then I have to go read!).
This is one that I found on Pinterest and have been dying to try.  It was created by the incomparable Jen at the PolishAholic.

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
*Picture Polish Festival
*1 coat Out the Door
*1 coat Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love

I know, with that macro shot, that I missed a little bit of polish near the cuticles, but in real life it was not visible.  I used a cream black base and taped off the tips (though flakes are kind of imprecise, so you may not really need to tape off) to paint with Festival, a gorgeous multicolored flake glitter.  I was worried that it would not stand out much as I painted and added a fast dry top coat so that I could get to bed a little earlier :)
Once it set I added Matte-ly in Love and BOOM!  The colors of the flakes were instantly much more visible and it dried almost instantly.  I'm still not totally in love with matte finishes, but this looks wonderful on the nail!  The downside to matte polish/toppers is that I've found they chip really easily.  In the future I'd like to make the tips larger or paint the whole nail or half or something so that I can get even more of the flakie goodness on there! 
Have you found some cool ways to play around with flakies?  With matte toppers?  Share your ideas with me!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Black and white and pink all over

As my first day of class gets closer (2 more days!) I'm seeing that my free time is getting more scarce.  I'm getting back into blogging and polishing and really enjoying it again, so I'm going to try to find a way to keep it up.  What have you, busy nail lady, found that works?  Scheduling posts?  Any good juggling tips?
* * * 
This look right here is why I know I HAVE to keep enjoying my polish time.  I mixed a couple of polishes on a whim a couple of weeks ago and never wanted to take it off!  I was looking for a quick color change and, of course, that also includes glitter. 

*1 coat Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener
*2 (maybe 3...I don't remember) coats China Glaze Pink Plumeria
*1 coat Maybelline Polka Dots
*1 coat Out the Door

LOVE IT!  Pink Plumeria is a pretty neon-ish light pink.  It has a stunning shimmer to it that translates really well from the bottle to the nail--an excellent summer polish! 

There are a million black and white matte glitter polishes out there with tons of different price tags.  I've wanted a good one for a while (and a good black glitter on its own, but that's a different story) and love some of the indies out there, but don't have the money for them.  I'm not big on bar glitters, so that rules out a decent number.  Then, for three dollars, this showed up at Target!  The glitter is dense but easy to maneuver, just one dip across each nail.  I love the contrast between the glitter and polish on this one!  What's been your favorite way to use black and white glitters?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Torero Pride

I loved my time at USD. 
The campus is GORGEOUS and I loved my classes and friends.  I am unbelievably excited to be going back in a week, even if it is just for a semester.  I love my school!
This weekend the freshmen moved in so I rocked a Torero blue look and LOVED how it came out!

 *1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener
*3 coats Sinful Colors Cinderella
*2 coats Aengland Tristam
*1 coat Out the Door

Cinderella is almost a perfect match to our school color.  The gorgeous pink shimmer does not disappoint.  This is, however, such a sheer polish.  With 3 coats you can still see that it's a bit patchy and streaky.  I needed it to dry to tape off tips, though, so I opted to forgo a fourth coat.  In real life, it's not nearly as bad as in the photos.  Tristam is a gorgeous partner for Cinderella, deep and shimmery with holo flecks.  This applies like a dream and dries quickly--I need to remember to pull it out more often!  I used it as the accent nail and added three light blue rhinestones with clear polish--they are almost a perfect match to the light blue of Cinderella!
I really loved how these turned out!  I cut my nails down and like the small tips on the French.  I'm sad to take this off--I'll have to try it again soon with other colors!

State love

This mani is a little late--things are getting a bit crazy getting ready to go back to school!  But I'm trying to make it an excited crazy, not a scared-that-it's-been-too-long-since-I-graduated crazy.  The only time of year I can tolerate my current retail job is really back to school.  I love the new college freshmen moving in and getting excited for their new lives.  I like talking with the parents and answering questions.  I like being excited for them.
So, with two major residential colleges moving in, we are busy!  But I did decide to show a little excitement with some school nails.  San Diego State moved in first, last weekend, and these were my Aztec nails.

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats OPI Danke-shiny Red
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
*1 coat Northern Lights
*1 coat Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots
*1 coat Out the Door

I used Danke-shiny and Black Out for the SDSU colors.  I have fallen a little in love with Polka Dots, so I added that black and white glitter as my accent.  After taping off the tips and adding the black, I used a coat of Northern Lights to soften the lines just a bit.  I maybe should have stopped with just the black cream and the shimmery red, but when it comes to glitter, I really don't know when enough is enough!
These actually held up pretty well and got some compliments from customers happy to see a little school spirit.  My parents are both proud Aztecs and, while I may have chosen the college on the hill instead, I love getting to tell all the new freshman that I have State blood in me!