Friday, October 12, 2012

31DC: Stripes

I'm keeping the Halloween vibe going with my striped nails.  As I worked on this, I had a minor nail art crisis: I could NOT find any Scotch tape!  I looked everywhere I could think of and could not find anything but heavy-duty packaging tape!  Now I know where my masking tape, painter's tape, and 2 rolls of Scotch tape are, but then...well, it was a bit ugly.  I used some more of my old nail guides for French manicures, which have a bit of an adhesive issue, so the lines aren't super clean, but they served their purpose.  Today only has 1 untried.

*1 coat Yello-Out base
*2 coats Color Club Almost Famous
*Sinful Colors Snow Me White
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed
*1 coat Out the Door Northern Lights (silver)

The lines on my white tips are not as clean as I would like.  Maybe this is the one I will do again at the end, with good tape :)  I decided to make Almost Famous the base color because it was the one that needed more than one coat.    It's really saturated for a yellow, but I still wanted two coats to eliminate streaks.  Then, I taped off the tips and painted a pretty thick coat of Snow Me White on the tips.  Especially for the price, I love this white!  It's also really saturated and I've found it is opaque and covers most colors really well.  Lastly, I taped off my nail bed, with the tip free, and painted a stripe of Sun Kissed through the middle of my nails.  All 3 of these have a clean, smooth cream finish to them.

I saw Northern Lights online and had planned to order it because I love my Out the Door top coat.  Then, last weekend when I was browsing Sally's clearance, I saw that they had it in stock and decided to pick up a bottle.  There is micro silver holo glitter in the top coat.  It settles on the bottom of the bottle, so you shake it up before using it each time.  You can see that the glitter is really sparse, which sometimes is all I want.  It adds just a little extra to the mani, with the great finish of Out the Door!

Aside from the messy lines, which were slightly out of my control, I really love this one!  I'm not into spooky and scary Halloween, really, but I love sweet Halloween!  Candy corn has been one of my favorite candies as long as I can remember, and it screams "FALL!"  Are you rocking any sweets manicures this month?

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