Monday, January 7, 2013

New 31DC: Skittle

Today's skittle manicure is both boring and exciting.  I didn't do any designs or art work, though there are some cute skittle designs I want to try out.  Instead, I just painted/swatched each nail.  Boring.  BUT, the exciting part is what I swatched them with...

Color Club Halo Hues!

My Harp On It had met a tragic end, and I have not been able to get any response from Crowd Cut, so I've written it off.  (Sidenote: this makes me really appreciate the other companies and ladies who have wonderful customer service!)  Each of these is just 2 thin coats over Yello-Out, with 1 coat of Out The Door on top to seal them.  Perfect application!  My pinkie has Cherubic, a golden beige holo.  These are all strong linear holos, not particle/glitter ones.  This is probably the must subtle of the bunch, but it still is very strong when you get it into the sun or light!

Blue Heaven is on my ring finger--a light, cool blue holo.  It is a really pretty blue, bright pale and amazingly holographic!

With the disaster in my box, I not only had a lot of clean up to do on my bottles, but I lost labels.  On my middle finger is the lighter of the pinks, Cloud Nine (I think).  It almost has a lavender look to it and the same intense sparkle as the rest.
My index finger is Angel Kiss, the light minty green shade.  It is a warm green, almost aqua, which doesn't really translate to the photo.

My thumb has the darker of the pinks, Halo-Graphic.  It's a darker, more magenta pink than Cloud Nine and warmer. 
All of these applied like a dream and sparkled like nothing I own!  The holo shift is unbelievable and hard to take your eyes off of!  Inside they almost have a metallic look to them, a bit frosted.  I'm so excited to play with these and find ways to use them with other polishes.  Do you own any of these?  How have you used them for nail art?

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