Sunday, January 20, 2013

New 31DC: Favorite Polish

This is just as hard as my "cheer up" mani! There are so many polishes that I love, and they all make me happy at different times and in different ways. But, right now, I am so tired after 4 long days of work (with 2 more to come) and finishing up a course, so I'm going to take an easy but honest way out on this one.

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats China Glaze Strawberry Fields
*2 coats Sally Hansen Black Out (ring)
*1 coat Out The Door

So, first and foremost, Strawberry Fields is a beautiful dream!  I love the color pink, and that carries over into my nails.  This is a gorgeous medium pink.  I used 2 coats and probably could have added a third to eliminate any nail line, but 2 are really great coverage and go on so easily. 
And then there is the shimmer (just look at the bottle in that previous shot!).  A-mazing!  This polish glows.  Unlike many others, this amazing golden shimmer blazes in the sun, but it doesn't hide in the shade or indoors.  It gives this pink such a warmth without in-your-face glitter (NOT that I am opposed to that!). 

So, this challenge is "favorite polish," not favorite color, so I also added my favorite accent style.  I love how simple an accent nail is, but how striking it can be.  I love China Glaze and their polish and have quite a growing collection of them.  I have realized, though, that Black Out makes more appearances than any other color, so it was the perfect accent for a favorite polish challenge.
So, while there are so many polishes that I love that share my ever-growing "favorite" label, this style tends to be one I keep coming back to and Strawberry Fields is a polish I think I could wear forever and really not get tired of looking at--it's just a versatile beauty! 
What are you partial to?  Do you love a unique stunner, or a simple beauty?  Is there one polish you could rock every day and never get bored with?  Or are there just too many out there to settle down with one?

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