Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New 31DC: Saran Wrap

I went into today's challenge feeling a little cocky.  Maybe it is because sponging was so easy the first time I played with it, so I figured that this was the same.  It is, but it's not. 
A "Saran Wrap" manicure is, as I read in many tutorials, a dry base color with a new color painted on top.  While that top color is wet, use wadded up Saran Wrap to blot off color, leaving a sponged/mottled finish.  As I did my first nail, the OCD side of me instantly hated this.  A lot.  The polish came off too much and was too tacky.  I kept going and hated each nail just as much.  They didn't look like the cool examples I've been seeing all over.  As I looked at my fingers, I decided to go back over them using the less talked about method of dipping my Saran Wrap into polish and then dabbing it on.  This was much better, for both aesthetics and the side of me that needs to be in control. 

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter
*Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?
*1 coats Out The Door

I saw this mani by Jenny when I searched Saran Wrap manis on Pinterest and loved the look of a shimmer over a cream.  Actually, I loved the look of these two, but figured I'd try to add just a tiny bit of originality to my work (which is rare for me).  I love Shrimp on the Barbie, and Are Mermaids Real? is like a sister to it.

Tiffany Imposter is a cream whose name says it all.  While I think that this is actually a darker, dustier blue than the iconic original, it is pretty nevertheless (and a dupe of For Audrey).  I probably could have just used 1 coat, went with 2 to be safe.

Are Mermaids Real? is a pretty purple polish.  It is sheer, so it takes 4-ish coats to be opaque or a good base under it.  It's a darker, cool purple packed with golden shimmer.  That shimmer is the best part and I'm glad that it translated through the Saran Wrap!

As I photographed this and wrote this entry, I have come to like this look more.  I'm not totally sold on it, but I'm very willing to give it another go.  So, have you tried the Saran Wrap method?  Was I missing something the first time through that makes it more awesome?  Because I like the look of it after dabbing much more (which doesn't look a whole lot different from sponging). 


  1. I really like this! I had the same problem when I tried the first time. I now only blot it on the saran wrap first then put it on the nail.

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm pretty sold on blotting polish on instead of off now. I did read another blogger mention that she only blots once, and it made it look almost like gold leaf on her nails. I might have to try that too... This 31 day challenge has so many tricks and techniques that I have never tried before, so I guess it's all a big learning curve!

  2. I just love how this turned out!!! Awesome color combo!!