Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New 31DC: Inspired by Nature

Tonight I really just wanted to go to sleep.  At, like, 8 pm.  I had big plans for some pretty nature nails.  Then, I thought about going simpler.  I thought about another galaxy nail, which I loved the first time.  Then I tried to think of something even simpler.  Awful, I know.  Well, so are the results.  Sort of--they're not horrible, but I second-guessed myself, which was the biggest mistake.

*1 coat Yello-Out
*2 coats Cult Nails Annalicious
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
*1 coat Out The Door

This is the first time I've done ladybug nails since high school--maybe junior high!  I had my tape ready to put their little heads as a black tip, like a French, but then decided I'd use hole reinforcements and do a half-moon-ish look.  Not good.  I wish I had gone with a French type tip instead because these don't really have the "head" look I wanted. 
I really just couldn't get over the idea of using Annalicious, which is a gorgeous, shimmery, bright red, so I had to do ladybugs!  It was so hard to paint over that beautiful base! 
I used my trusty Black Out to paint on all the details, which is striking as a cream against the shimmer.  I used a new art brush from a Bundle Monster kit my mom got me for Christmas.  It was a little rough with the striper brush at first, which is why you aren't really seeing my ring finger in this it goes.  While it is messier than I had hoped, using my new brush makes me excited to play around with the others in the kit. 
So, I'm not wild (no pun intended) about how these little buggies came out, but you can certainly bet that you'll be seeing some Annalicious and Black Out returning next month for a Valentine's Day look!


  1. You're smoking crack. I see NOtHING awful about this!!! Just the cutest lady bugs!!! Beautifully done and you better shush with your negative talk :)))

    1. It was mostly one of those manicures that you picture one way and it turns out very so many do! I've only done 1 half-moon before, and it was not with the little paper hole reinforcements, so it covered much more nail. That was more of what I had pictured. Really, I just kind of wish that I hadn't changed my mind about the tips. I need to learn to trust my instincts a little more! But thank you, Gosia, as always, for your amazingly sweet words! You are such a positive voice in the blog world and I know that you make so many ladies' days.

  2. I recreated your mani for the final challenge! I thought your ladybirds turned out lovely, they look adorable! Lisa xx