Saturday, January 26, 2013

New 31DC: Inspired by Childhood

This one is late.  So it goes.  I needed sleep last night and, much more than that, could NOT decide on what to do.  So, I did a little skittle today for a child of the '90s.

*I used a LOT of polishes here, some just for a dot or stripe, so I'm not going to list them all.  If you're curious about anything, feel free to ask and I can tell you what I used!

For my thumb, I made binder paper.  I've been a writer as long as I can remember.  That sounds so pretentious, but it's just a fact.  I've always loved language and using words.  I've also always been a total nerd, the teacher's pet all the way through college.  It's in my blood.  School, and writing, are a part of growing up for me. 

My ring finger is for television.  I know there is an eternal debate about kids watching TV, but we did my house.  I loved classic Nickelodeon and Disney shows, Saturday morning cartoons, T.G.I.F.--we're a TV family.  My parents and I will even sometimes "watch" shows over the phone (I'm waiting for you to come back, Amazing Race!).  This is Chuckie Finster's shirt from Rugrats (I tried to watch this again recently--some things were way better when you were young!).  I killed myself again with impatience and streaked my red when I added my top coat, but overall like how this one turned out!

Much like TV, I am a movie girl, from a movie family.  We love to watch movies, and Disney was/is a staple.  I used Leslie's work from Polish Art Addiction as inspiration and painted a seashell tip for Ariel on my middle finger.  The Little Mermaid has been a favorite of mine forever, and this turned out better than I hoped, so I may need to try a full mani in the future!

Just as much as I love TV and movies, I am a reader.  That's what English majors do.  From Golden Books to Shakespeare, Lewis to Moore, I can't remember NOT reading.  We spent so many hours with my parents, snuggled up around a book.  On my own, I spent even more time disappearing into different worlds.  My index finger is Mama Bear's dress from the Berenstain Bears.

As a final touch, I couldn't really feel nostalgic and ignore the fact that I have Floam waiting to be worn!  This is 4 coats over Sally Hansen Green With Envy.  I wish I hadn't use a green the same color as the glitter so that it would have stood out more, but weird things like Floam were part of growing up in the 80's and 90's. 

So, now you know a little (lot) more about me and what made me who I am now.  It's hard not to get carried away and nostalgic as I think about childhood. 

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