Friday, July 6, 2012

Bottle Betrayal!

Tragedy struck my stash as I prepared to give myself a 4th of July mani!
My beloved bottle of Color Club Ruby Slippers is stuck shut!  It must have leaked or not been closed tight enough when I traveled with it at Christmas.  I love that red!  It is so shimmery and the perfect shade.  I had big plans for it... (Side note: if you know of a way to save it, please let me know how to free my brush!  I used a q-tip and acetone, cleaning off the bottle and trying to get under the cap, but it's not budging...)
So, I had to improvise a bit, already having a blue nail and four white ones on each hand. 
My answer to any problem or mistake is always glitter, so I turned to my old friend:

I dove into my beloved Muppets collection by OPI and put Gettin Miss Piggy With It to work.  I got this for Christmas, along with a bunch of the other glitters, but hadn't used it yet.  I was worried it would be a dupe for Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Cha-Ching, but the two lines are pretty distinct.  I chose Getting Miss Piggy With It because the red glitter is much less dense, letting the white show clearly.  My line up was:

*1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base coat
*2 coats Sinful Colors Snow Me White (all but ring finger)
*1 coat OPI Getting Miss Piggy With It over white
*1 coat Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope over that, just for good measure
*2 coats Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue on ring finger
*1 coat Icing Written in the Stars over blue
*2 thick coats Seche Vite over all nails

Whew!  I had planned to do red stripes over the white, but that clearly didn't happen...  Snow Me White is a typical, highly pigmented white.  Clean, bright.  It made for messy cuticles (please don't judge my lack of clean up).  I love the Co-Bolt Blue, though!  It is a nice, deep shade of blue with subtle shimmer that comes alive in the sun.  It is great coverage with two thin coats, drying immediately.  Written in the Stars is a fun mix of small and large holo silver hex glitters with blue holo stars mixed into a lightly blue-pigmented jelly base.  As expected, the stars fought coming out, so I fished out three for each nail, which was really all they needed.

(again, my apologies for the mess around the nails...I need to pull it together!)

Overall, I was kind of disappointed with this one.  I loved the accent nail, though the stars were a bit of a nightmare and, even under two THICK coats of Seche, were pulling up the next morning.  Oh well, the Olympics are coming up, so I've got more patriotic displays to work on!

"Intellectually I know that America is no better than any other country; emotionally I know she is better than every other country." ~Sinclair Lewis

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  1. I know this is an old post but... Have you tried running the bottle under hot water? I'm at a loss as to what could help. :(