Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"I'm feeling very Olympic today!"

"How 'bout you?" (Major kudos if you can place those words with Sanka in the classic Cool Runnings!)

So, to start this off, I love the Olympics.  I didn't have cable for Beijing.  I work two jobs now, so my days are spent trying to survive retail until I can make my escape and my nights are spent hunched over my laptop working with writing classes for an online university.  Me time is hard to come by. 
Luckily, by a twist of fate, I have a new class that does not have papers due until the end of their second week.  This means my nights are free for two weeks--Olympic weeks!  While I should be getting to bed earlier and resting, I can't turn off the games. 
I did not do an Olympic-themed mani for the opening ceremonies because it was the night of my friend's wedding, and I decided to opt for something more sedate.  Now I can embrace the girl who swoons over the gymnasts' uniforms and hair plastered with glitter!  I took this as a great opportunity for a skittle:

The Olympic Rings.
There is an obscene amount of polish on my nails now:
*All nails: 1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Petites 24k Gold on tips, 1 coat Out the Door fast-dry top coat and 1 coat Healthy Hoof Lacquer
There is an obscene amount of polish on my nails now:
*All nails: 1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Petites 24k Gold on tips, 1 coat Out the Door fast-dry top coat and 1 coat Healthy Hoof Lacquer
*Pinkie: 3 coats China Glaze Dorothy Who?
*Ring finger: 2 coats Color Club Almost Famous, 1 coat Confetti They Call Me Mellow Yellow, 1 coat Savvy Touch of Glitter
*Middle finger: 1 coat Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out, 2 coats Icing Twilight
*Index finger: 2 coats Color Club Holiday Splendor
*Thumb: 2 coats China Glase Ruby Pumps

I looked for the most glittery colors I could find because last week was rough and I need some sparkle in my life. I tried out 2 of my new Wizard of Oohs and Aahs polishes (I love the Wizard of Oz and needed this collection in my life!). Dorothy Who? is so pretty and such a different blue from anything I have right now. I could have stopped at 2 coats, but the 3rd added even more depth to the glitter and color. It is such a prety medium blue--not quite her dress color, but lovely anyway. Ruby Pumps is also quite beautiful and will do for a stand-in until I can get my hands on a new Color Club Ruby Slippers. It is close, but not quite the same. If I had not loved Color Club first, I'm sure I would be compeltely smitten with this!
I used Almost Famous as a base. This is a nice, bright yellow that covers better than most in two coats. I added Confetti They Call Me Mellow Yellow over the top for the soft shimmer that it brings. This is a really delightful yellow, but very thin. Even with the shimmer, though, it did not quite match the intensity of the glitter that the others brought, so I added Savvy Touch of Glitter to it. This is a clearance find of mine from Sally's Beauty Supply. It is a small, sparse, silver holo that adds sparkle without overshadowing the polish base. Love it!
I used Sally Hansen Black Out for a base to Twilight. The polish looked too sheer, so I had to build it up. I used two coats of this one over the Black Out. It is a black base with small silver glitter and really cool when you have full coverage.
I love Color Club and can usually find it at a decent price, so I favor the brand when I can. Holiday Splendor is what I do that. It. Is. Gorgeous! This bright green holo is squishy and amazing and I make any excuse I can to wear it! My words and photos do not do this justice. If you can get your hands on it: DO!
I thought about stopping there. The skittle was awesome and I was really pleased with the colors. But I have plenty of time on my hands this week, so I kept going. I was worried I would hate the tips and have to redo all of those layers, but I really liked the gold! 24k Gold is a warm gold glitter with good coverage and sparse red flecks throughout. Some thick topcoating was needed to even out all of these glitters, but I was surprised at how much I liked the tips! My lines and nails could be straighter, but I really like the outcome!


Are you rocking some patriotic colors? Loving the games? Missing Doug E. Doug?

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