Monday, July 23, 2012

Joining the Cult

As I began to read nail blogs, I heard a lot about Cult Nails.  The swatches that I saw were gorgeous, to put it mildly.    I ordered 2 when she had a generous $5 sale.  As soon as I got Captivated and Iconic home, I knew that pictures cannot really do these justice. 
I tried Captivated and loved it on my nails, but that was before I was regularly photographing them or keeping track of coats or anything. I remember that it lasted a really long time, though, without chipping much.
My nails have become rather stained, so when I took off my polish this afternoon, I knew I needed a quick cover up.  Tonight I simply stared into my drawers, waiting for something to call to me. 

*1 coat Yello-Out base coat
*2 coats Icing Teal for Real
*1 coat Cult Nails Hypnotize Me
*1 coat Healthy Hoof Lacquer

Hypnotize Me.  Oh man, will it!  I was worried that my photo skills would not do this enough justice to make it worth posting, but this polish speaks for itself.  I didn't want too many coats of it, so I did two thin coats of Teal for Real.  This was an odd duck.  It is pretty sheer with a teal shimmer in it.  It dries to a satin finish, nearly matte.  I did a second coat and it was much more opaque than I though.  If I wore it alone, I think I might add a third just to be thorough, but I was pleasantly surprised with it.  Then came the magic.

Hypnotize Me is gorgeous!  It is a much thicker, goopier formula than I expected for such a fine glitter/shimmer, but I'll get over it.  It has an amazing teal/blue sparkle to it that seems to glow when the light hits it.  Overall the polish looks teal, and Teal for Real was a perfect match, but if you look closely, the glitter looks like a light blue sparkle.  I am afraid to drive to work tomorrow because I am sure I won't be able to take my eyes off of this in the sun!
I tried to get a good picture to capture the glow of this, but I'm not very good with a camera.  You've got to try this one on for yourself.  It really looks like it is lit from within.  The polish is a bit gritty when dry, and I really don't ever go without a topcoat.  I used the Healthy Hoof because it is a shinny, glassy finish and makes sparkles come alive.  It takes longer than Seche Vite to dry, but it's worth it!

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