Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some very generous offers!

This is one of the things that really pushed me toward starting a blog: the women who polish and post are so generous and supportive! 
There are so many exciting giveaways and prizes that they offer their readers and friends, and there is so much appreciation and credit shared between sites.  As artists, they are all very careful and happy to give credit to what inspires them.  As women, they are excited to give generously to others who share their passion.  I'm excited to start giving back a little bit of love!
Here are three amazing giveaways that are being hosted--drool away over these prizes!

*The Nail Junkie has a giveaway for one of her very own polishes!  Her new summer line looks amazing and the little bottle labels are way too cute!  I haven't ventured into the indie world yet, but her free shipping and gorgeous shimmers are VERY tempting...
The giveaway is open internationally and closes on June 29th!

*Fingers Polish Mania has an unbelievable giveaway open!  She is offering a new collection from Elevation, a brand that is new to me.  This is something that I have loved about reading blogs--finding new and exciting brands to try.  The colors are gorgeous and her blog is so fun to explore!  She has a knack for using stamps in really cool ways and I'm loving looking through her designs!
This runs through July 24th!

*The Nail Network has a really cool 1st birthday giveaway!  She not only has some amazing polishes that she has generously put up, but also some custom jewelry she made!  While I am pretty new to this blog, it appears that we share a deep love of glitter!  I don't need to know any more than that to know that I like this site a lot.
This runs through July 3rd!

So this is a HUGE thanks to these ladies for being so generous with the beauty!  I've got my fingers crossed (fingers that will hopefully have some new polish to try out) and hope that you stop by their pages.  Get in on the giveaway generosity but, more importantly, look at what these ladies do so well!

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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