Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oktoberfest (a little late)

I needed a quick color change to replace by chipping moustaches, so I went with this new beauty from the OPI Germany Collection that I found for a pretty reasonable price on Amazon.  Every Month (really!) Is Oktoberfest!

Look at that plum sparkle!  Gorgeous!

I wanted something deep and fall-ish, so I figured I'd try this one out.  I used 2 coats, plus a base and top coat, for my initial mani.  That provided great coverage.  I think 1 coat was a bit too thin, but 2 was perfect.

I wore this to work before I could snap some pictures and had some tip wear, so I added a third coat on top before I took pictures to clean up my little mess.  What's really interesting is that, in this macro setting, you can see it!  That faint purple tip is not the polish's fault--that's just where it went over my nekkid little nail!

I can't get enough of that shimmer!  This polish is so pretty outside in the sun.  Inside, it is a dark prune color, almost a black or brown purple.  A lady told me it looked like chocolate inside.  Not that I have anything against chocolate, but...

This was meant for the sunny spotlight!  What do you think of this beauty?  Do you own it?  Have you found a good way to showcase that shimmer even indoors?  Let me know, because I'm a little in love with it!

On a semi-polish related note, on Halloween I was so excited that I had reached 700 views.  In the 10 days since then, I have blown past 1,000!  Thank YOU (yes, you sitting there reading these words right now!) for stopping by and showing me so much love!  It means so much, especially when I see the posts that you are viewing the most--my breast cancer awareness Wednesdays, my Movember manis, and my memorial nails for my uncle.  I cannot tell you how much that means.  THANK YOU!

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