Friday, November 9, 2012

A Berry Big Problem

I realized, earlier this week, that I have a problem.  Perhaps it is excitement over fall and the upcoming holiday season.  Perhaps it is forgetfulness.  Perhaps these are excuses.  I have a new addiction to berry colored polish with holo sparkles.  I decided to compare the 4 that I could find (my Sinful Colors magnetic is tragic!).  In the bottle, they look very similar.  On the nail...only mostly similar...

Here's the line up!  These cover a pretty broad range of prices, from $1.99 for the Pure Ice to a retail of $12.50 for the OPI (but not with my Ulta coupons!) and different availabilities.

Left to right: OPI DS Extravagance, Zoya Blaze, Ulta Material Girl and Pure Ice Super Star.  For comparison, I used 2 coats of color over 1 coat Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener and under 1 coat of Out the Door.

Extravagance.  How gorgeous is that?!?  This one applies like a dream.  This is one of the darker shades, a deep berry or wine shade.  The silver holo particles are small and super-dense.  This dries with a smooth, shiny finish, but I always add a top coat.  Totally worth the cost (especially if you can get it discounted)!

Blaze.  This is one of my picks from the new Ornate collection and amazing!  Like Zoya polishes in general, this is also an amazing application, easy and smooth.  The color on this one is lighter and brighter than Extravagance, more cranberry.  Like Extravagance, the holo pieces in this are very fine, though not as dense.  Another nice, shiny finish, even without a top coat.

Material Girl.  This one is darker berry, like Extravagance.  There are a couple of key differences, aside from the price (regularly $6, unless you get it on sale, which is pretty easy to do).  The holo pieces in this one are larger, more like glitter than shimmer.  They are quite dense, and reflect a bit differently because of their size.  Also, because of the size of the glitter, the application is a big uglier with a little dragging.  This is the only one of the three that dried gritty and really needed a top coat for a glossy finish.  ALL of that being said, this is a gorgeous polish and a great alternative if you cannot find the OPI.


Super Star.  This was a lighter, brighter berry like Blaze, but not quite the same shade.  It's almost a little bit purple in tint.  When I saw this at Walmart with the new Pure Ices, I fell in love.  When I got home I realized that this same reaction had happened too many times before... This one has an easy application and good coverage for such an inexpensive polish.  The holo is much less visible on the nail than in the bottle and than the other three.  It's almost more of a golden-red glitter than a true holo.  Of the 5, I think that this is the only one I really regret nabbing, which is ironic since it's the cheapest of the bunch!

This out of focus shot helps show off the density and appearance of the holo for each.  You can see that the colors of Extravagance and Material Girl (index and ring) are really close in color.

So there they are.  What do you think?  Do these make you think of fall and winter coziness?  Do you own any?  Have you discovered any of your own little addictions like this--let me know because it could be contagious!


  1. I'm surprised you don't have Orly Miss Conduct, lol

    1. No, no, no! I have to cut this off! I have recognized that I have a problem, which is the first step to stopping it. BUT...I have seen swatches of Miss Conduct online and it is SO pretty! I don't own many Orlys because of the price tag, but it's a good one. I looks like it's kind of a middle ground between OPI and Zoya. And now you have me dreaming about it!