Saturday, September 22, 2012

LOTS of updates!

It has been one hell of a week!
This week was stressful, to say the least.  It was busy with both of my jobs and emotional.  I just hit a wall and lost it a bit on Wednesday.  God knew I was done, couldn't take anything more breaking me down.   Thursday things began to look up and the week has gotten so much better! 

*I tried two new polishes with interesting results.  I used two coats of Essence Colour to Go in Grey-t To Be Here.  I probably should have done 3 coats for coverage, but I didn't plan to wear this long.  The pale gray is filled with super-fine pink shimmer.  It is really pretty in the sun, looking almost lavender from all of the pink.  I wanted a simple accent, so I used a coat of Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter.  This one is in the colored iridescent family.  It the pink tinted clear base is packed with different sized light pink iridescent glitter.  This matches Grey-t perfectly and was a sparkly little compliment.  However, I decided to go loud.  So, I layered a coat of OPI You Glitter Be Good To Me on top of that.  I got this in a breast cancer awareness duo.  It is a clear base with lots of micro square light pink, almost coral, glitter and scattered larger magenta hex glitter.  I actually think it's quite pretty, and it looked just fine with the gray.  I wasn't in love with this, and can't pinpoint why.  Without OPI, it would be a nice, subtle mani to do again on all nails.  The gray did look a little funky with my skin and chipped like mad!  I only wore this for two full days and ever nail had sizable chunks missing.  For $1.99, I can accept that--I just need to remember it!

*This should be the last post about polish without photos!  My poor little camera never turned up and I am still really sad to have lost the pictures on it.  But, Best Buy had some cameras on sale, so I looked through the little point and shoots.  There it was!  The same camera I bought, about $20 cheaper, and in PINK!  So, I bit the bullet and ordered her and she came in this week!  That means I can post my (best attempt at) mani photos again.

*I won my first giveaway!  After a long day, drained from work and emotion, I came home to find an email from Kirsten at All That Glitters saying I won her Halloween collection in a giveaway!  The polishes are A-mazing and I am so excited to see the in real life.  I love how hard ladies like her work on their polish and wish I had the ability to buy more indies, so this is a real treat for me.  It was a boost to my spirit that I really needed and now I am so excited to own these pretties!

*A new Ulta opened in my neighborhood!  I love Ulta--there is so much to drool over there!  I popped in on Friday to see the new store and it is awesome.  They sent out a $5 off $15 coupon for the weekend, so I had to take advantage--maybe a couple of times...  I found Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers Tombstone polishes for $1.99 and nabbed 3 colors.  They had such full displays that it was hard not to want EVERYTHING.  Then, as I looked through the China Glaze, a flash of silver caught my eye.  At the bottom of the OPI display to my right were a few rows of DS polish!  Needless to say, expect some holo goodness in my first pictures...

Here are some awesome giveaways that I have been meaning to get the word out on.  I have been exhausted and dropped the ball, but most of my list to share is still open, so here they are:

*Holographic Hussy: The amazing Claudia has some indies up for wins because she has been awesome for four months now!  Her followers keep adding up and she has a lot to be proud of.  Go admire her perfect swatches and dream about owning her polish collection...
This is open internationally and closes in one week.
*Lydia's Nails: Go give this girl some love because that's what she's doing for us!  No birthday or follower milestone--just a generous give away.  The girl has talent--scroll through her most recent series for the 31 day challenge (you will NOT be disappointed).
This is open internationally and you have 11 more days to enter.
*Pointless Cafe: She is offering up the amazing Butter London Fishwife!  I have jumped on the Butter bandwagon and her swatches of it are fantastic!  She's another talented one who is doing the 31 day challenge, so drool through her swatches and enjoy the art she has been up to!
This ends on Friday the 28th.
*Ashley Is PolishAddicted: I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but you have to go look through her 31 day challenge art!  I have nothing against long nails, but I keep mine short lately and love that she does too.  Her personality shines through her nail art and I know you'll instantly want to be her friend--I do!  I really love her style and work; I feel like we're polish sisters separated at birth!  I know, I know, I'm a creeper!  She has a BB Couture Dragon's Breath offered and it's a beauty, so head over.
This is open internationally and closes Saturday the 29th.
*The Crumpet: She is offering up Zoya Diva & Designer polishes!  I adore reading her blog.  Not only are her swatches and art amazing, but she is so much fun!  I love some good nail art, but I think that personality and spunk are really what hooks me on blogs, and she has both in spades!
This is open internationally and closes October 2nd.
*Oh Three Oh Four: This is a really cool giveaway.  In addition to swatching and promoting indies, she is offering up some.  For the giveaway, she is offering 4 Jindie polishes and lets the winner choose!  If you are unsure of which you would pick, just lose yourself in her swatches--it's not hard to do!
This is not open internationally and ends on Friday the 28th.
*The Nail Junkie: First off, this lady makes just about the cutest labels for her polishes!  I know that they are simple, but I totally love them.  She is offering up her new Halloween collection (and I think it rocks that she give away her own creations).  I love Pumpkin and Candy Corn--which one would you rock?
This is open internationally and end on October 6th.
*The TraceFace Philes: Speaking of The Nail Junkie, she is giving away some!  Traci is so good at giving love to Indie brands and her swatches are flawless.  She is also really great at describing the colors and polishes, which sometimes is even more helpful than photos when you are deciding to buy.
This is open internationally and closes in one week.
*Set In Lacquer: I love when bloggers make it possible for multiple people to win, and Kelly has 6 prizes up for wins!  She is offering some great Essie polishes and dotting tools, which I don't think you can ever have too many of! While you enter, take some time to look through her work--she has a great mix of lovely swatches and really creative nail art.
This is open internationally and closes in one week.

Phew!  Well, that's a lot to get caught up on, but it feels good because now I can just work on using and showing my hoard off (let's just be honest about what it is...).  So, thanks for listening while there was nothing to see and, as always, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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