Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A layering lesson

I needed to change my polish because the tips had some serious wear from my "camo" french mani, so I decided to try some unused polishes.  I decided to get in touch with my darker side and gave Orly Androgynie and Butter London's The Black Knight a try.
Both of these are amazing in their bottles and I didn't want to use too much of either one, so I started with Black Out to build a base.  I have been after Androgynie for a while and was excited to try it out.  The Black Knight was one I nabbed in Ulta's BOGO and knew it would be amazing on my nails.
I used one coat of Black Out under 2 of Androgynie on all but my ring finger, and then two coats of Black Out and one of The Black Knight as an accent.
Androgynie was such a sad surprise!  I had set the bottle upside down to get the glitter moving (it settles so bad!) and figured that more is better.  Unfortunately, two coats buries the large hex glitter a bit.  This wasn't a total bust.  The scattered holo micro glitter is really pretty in the sun, and the iridescent hexes are too, when they show up.  I wish that I had just used one coat to let the glitter stand out more.  I used a thick coat of Hoof Lacquer over the top and it really made this one look like a jelly, squishy wonder!
The Black Knight is a gorgeous mix of micro teal, magenta and silver glitter in a blackened base.  I love the look of this and wish that I had used two coats to make it pop even more.  It is gorgeous in the sun and I am so torn between using it ALL the time and saving it because these babies do not come cheap!
The verdict: neither is quite what I expected, but I don't regret either.  I just need to adjust how I use them to get the most awesome for my buck!
The good news is that I should have a replacement camera any day now to capture some of these polish (mis)adventures.  Until then, I'm still learning lessons and making a long list of ideas to try!

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