Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Santa Claus is coming to town..."

This is not what I intended to wear today.  I had planned (and tried) to do a candy cane mani.  Last Christmas, when I was just beginning to read blogs and think beyond simply painting and layering polish, I did candy cane stripes on my thumbs with red nails (my first accent nail!).  I was going to do stripes again, but better.  I taped off thick red stripes and then added smaller ones to look more like candy canes.  They looked...not good.  So, late last night I went with another Christmas design that I think turned out pretty cute!  Here's a hint: it shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly...

*1 coat Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener
*2 coats China Glaze Ruby Pumps
*Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out
*butter London Fairy Cake
*2 coats Out the Door top coat

I was pinspired by this mani I found on Pinterest (which was also inspired by another blogger).  I realized after the fact that I made my buckle a little wrong.  I should remember to look back at photos as I work...
I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  I hadn't used this red for a Christmas mani yet so I dug it out.  You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love this squishy, glittery red!  It's actually a bit darker than it looks in these photos and a-mazing.  I taped off a narrow strip and used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out for the belt.

I used butter London's Fairy Cake for the glittery buckle.  This polish is SO pretty!  It's dense, silvery, holo goodness in a bottle.  The one downside is that it is a glitter, so I had to do a couple of passes with the nail art brush to make the lines opaque, which made them less crisp than I would have liked. 
Aside from the buckles, the one thing I think I might change next year is using Ruby Pumps.  Half of me loves how uber-sparkly this is and half of me thinks that the pretty cream finish looks so nice.  I'm torn!  Have you done a fun Santa mani this year?  Any cool interpretations of him?  Do tell!

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