Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Blues

Blogger is buggin' lately. Have any of you had issues with it? I cannot upload photos to my post without an error message unless I am in HTML mode. This does not bode well...

I needed to let go and take off my UPS mani. I needed something new and full of life. So, I tried out a couple of new polishes this weekend, mostly for an excuse to see if my Aengland baby would be all that I hoped.

*1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base
*3 coats Zoya Skylar (all nails but accent, which has 2)
*1 coat Aengland Tristam on accent nails
*1 coat Out the Door fast-dry top coat

LOVE! I was a bit disappointed with Skylar, though. My experience with Zoya had been amazing up until this point, and it didn't sour me on them, but I was surprised. I bought Skylar because I was torn between OPI's I Don't Give A Rotterdam and I Have A Herring Problem, so I went Zoya. This was the first Zoya where I really needed 3 coats for full coverage. The polish was quite thin. It was still easy to work with and a pretty, shimmery, dusty blue. Even though it's a blue polish, it's very soft and gorgeous in the sunlight. Speaking of sunlight...

Then I added a coat of Tristam as an accent, just to try it out. Oh. My. Sparkle! I love this! It was easy to use and such a rich, strong dark blue with amazing holo shimmer. I don't know how it is on its own, as far as coverage, but it looked perfectly true to its bottle after I put it over Skylar. I expected to be let down by this polish, which I got in her recent sale, and unimpressed. I fell in love and canNOT wait to get my hands on more of these!

Just look at that glitter and shimmer!  sigh.  Well, work chipped my tips quickly, so this is gone and I need some new inspiration.  I have gotten very comfortable with an accent nail (which felt weird at first) and now need to work on venturing into some art!

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